Wednesday, March 1

Wil and Daddy sing 'Erie Canal'

This is the one Wil sang in the big bed this morning before we all got up.

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(The messed-up schedule last 'night', in case you're interested:
  • Everyone, including Momma and Daddy who are lying down with the twins, falls asleep by 9pm.
  • Momma wakes up ca. 2:30am. Does laundry and dishes while listening to 'Pride and Prejudice'.
  • Momma goes to sleep in her own bed ca. 4:30am. Wakes up Daddy, who gets up and works for awhile.
  • Wil wakes up ca. 6am, goes to the big bed.
  • Daddy returns to the big bed ca. 6:30am to snuggle with Momma and Wil
  • Wil sings 'Erie Canal'
  • Bethy comes to the big bed ca. 6:35am
  • Everyone up by 6:45am
  • Daddy, Elizabeth and Wil leave for school and work before 7:30am.
Crazy, but it's been a great day so far.)

(2nd note: Jaq, I think you might especially like this post, with your New York state of mind and VeggieTales (Pa Grape) singing 'Erie Canal' as a children's song (On 'Larry's Wonderful World of Autotainment'). 'Uh, Sal. You're on my foot.')

(And one more thing: In case you haven't seen it, Jaq. VeggieTales 'Lord of the Beans' is pretty good. That is all.)
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