Thursday, March 16

The Tournament starts today!

+ Bulletin board material: That's right, Hawks. People are disrespecting you. Get that mad simmering for tomorrow's game! (Which I'll be watching at some sports bar around here. I went ahead and asked for a half day off. How's that for commitment?!)

+ In local basketball news, USC beat the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers last night here at home.

I wonder if USC is embarassed at all that Winthrop made the tournament and they did not. On the other hand, USC probably played a tougher schedule (disclosure: I haven't researched it).

+ That brings up another tournament point: Those doofuses Packer/Nantz grilled the selection Chairman (AD: UVA) on how they could let so many Mid-Majors in. Maybe some producer told them to stir up controversy, because when they got back to the studio, Clark and Seth liked it fine.

It's a moot point (ie, you could argue it forever): Do you want your tournament with the absolute toughest 64 teams in the nation? If so, how are you going to objectively pick them?

Or do you want your tournament with some potential Cinderellas (the direction that even allows for the Play-In game, in my mind)? This question has already been answered de facto with automatic bids, the play-in, etc. You might see it move a little either way, but I'm pretty sure that's the trend.

What do you think?
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