Wednesday, March 15

Web 2.0 and the NFL

+ File this one under 'cool (but useless)': You can download highlights or whole games of the NCAA tournament on iTunes the next day. The only people I can think of who would use this are 1. psychofans (beyond the limits of reason) and 2. iPod hipsters who need more video for their iPod and have money burning a hole in their pocket. Am I missing something?

+ Daunte's gone to Miami. That's where Gus Frerotte went to start after backing up Daunte. Poor Gus. Hard to believe Daunte's only good for a 2nd round draft pick. Oh well. Time to reload with Brad Johnson for now and finding a quarterback to develop for the future.

In addition, Drew Brees goes from the Chargers to the Saints. (Incidentally, with this signing and a lucky 2nd round draft pick, or leverage of that pick into multiple early choices, the Saints could get a lot better in a hurry.) Brees is a great, proven quarterback. Hope the Chargers know what they're doing, letting him go and keeping Rivers. Of course, they paid Rivers the big bucks and he's sitting, so this is mostly an economic deal for them.

As much as I like the NFL, the tango between demanding players and demanding ownership is a little bit nauseating. As I've said before, in professional sports the players are 'keeping score' with contracts. They don't need more money. It's about pride. Any organization that could bring in lower-maintenace players and keep them reasonably happy in exchange for a competitive team with money to spread around to all of the positions (especially O-line!) could go far. As far as I can tell, the Patriots most resemble this approach, which is one of the reasons I'm on their band wagon.

+ Google Desktop is out of beta today with a new killer feature: the double ctrl quick search box. I really like GD and it's quick search, but have not liked turning over taskbar or desktop real estate to it. This is a good solution for me and I look forward to trying it out. Now if only it would index my Gmail right...

As I surf over there, I see, if you want, you can 'undock' panels to reside on your desktop, basically like widgets/Konfabulator. I'll have to try this out, too.

There's also a double shift show panels command.

With the recent acquisition of Writely and what is obviously concentrated development on Desktop, Google is making a clear play for more of your computer. I gave them my allegiance long ago. In the feudalistic world of today's desktop, you have to choose your master (unless you have the technical chops/patience for Linux). I choose Google.
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