Friday, March 17

A brief break from basketball to say a few things I've been meaning to say...

+ Here's one I wrote on March 10th that languished in my Draft folder:

It's not everyday that I agree with my President, but I do today: Ports Deal Collapse May Hurt U.S. Rats. Wish we hadn't caved on that one.

+ I learned the other day that Bruegger's did not originate in Iowa City, which made me a little sad. It started in Vermont in 1983. Iowa City was one of the first franchises. I ate there as early as 1987. Oh well...

+ I came across some extensive Alan Moore interviews on the eve of the release of V for Vendetta. As much as I like that story, when I re-read it lately, it seemed a little too ambitious. It's obvious Moore was trying to talk about Big Things. Good. The execution just didn't quite work for me in 2006. Don't get me wrong: there are still some great parts.

A for Alan, part 1
A for Alan, part 2

Anyway, back to the interviews: Reading them puts me in mind of something I've been thinking about for awhile. I assume, and could be totally wrong, that most comic book writers, like Alan Moore and Frank Miller, for instance, are pretty liberal (I'm painting with broad strokes here, if you'll indulge me). And yet, most comic books, especially the edgy ones, are pretty violent. How does that fit in with liberalism? Is there some other worldview at work here?

Third point in the section: Alan Moore is waaaaaaaay out there: practicing pagan (worshipping some Egyptian snake god), anarchist. He sure has made a lot of money off of the people who believe stuff he abhors. They basically fund his wackiness. Doubt there'd be many comic books in an anarcho-pagan society ;-)

+ Forgot to check in on how the Wartburg Wrestling team did at the National Championships on March 4th. Remembered this morning. They won it. What a program!

+ Read a fun, article-length treatment of the making of Tron this morning. That movie came out in 1982 when I was 10. I loved it. I still like it. Might need to add the DVD to my wishlist. Any other Tron fans out there?

+ That is all (for now).
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