Monday, March 27


The email to my pool, reposted here:

yep, we're done. that was fast. crazy year, but still fun.
congrats to Macon for the best guessing, i mean picks ;-) Robbi came in second and Kathy was third. congrats, y'all.
i want to personally thank Jan and Chris for their picks so there would be two people who did worse than me :-( ;-) in fact, no Meades broke the top 9. a poor showing, that.
responses to all posts to this forum: 

Cory: remember when you criticized the 'experts' for not seeing Iowa go very far? ;-)

Kyle: weird year is right

Kurt: nothing breeds loathing (and fandom) like unbridled success, of which UCLA has had more than their share...

my 2 cents:
Of the Final Four, only UCLA won their conference tournament. Same for the Elite Eight. Move back to the Sweet Sixteen and you can add Memphis and Gonzaga.

My point: Conference Tournaments wear teams out. The great competition in the Big Ten, Big Twelve, Big East, ACC, and SEC wears down great teams, especially mentally and emotionally. If they can make it through the rounds of 64 and 32 they might be able to regroup.

still rationalizing my Iowa disappointment...

who's pulling for anybody now except GMU? (except, that is, for Robbi, who's loyal to the SEC). it's hard not to like that young, enthusiastic, athletic, long (channeling Jay Bilas) LSU team. thankfully, my in-laws lived in Louisiana for enough years to inoculate me ;-)
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