Sunday, March 26

Drivin and readin (and (sky(scrapin))

How's that for a tortured subject? ;-) Pays homage to one of the great band names: Drivin and cryin. Never heard one of their songs.

+ Because I always have road rage bubbling just below the surface of my apparently calm (dashing, intelligent, etc.) exterior, I have to link this study that Paul quotes:

Motorists 85 and older now surpass 16 year olds in frequency of fatalities per mile driven, and nearly match teenagers in rates of insurance claims for property damage, according to statistics from the insurance industry and the federal government. Drivers 65 and older are more likely than teens to have fatal multivehicle crashes at intersections, the data show.

I've long been on the record saying I predict we'll see laws restricting teen driving soon, especially as Boomers age and don't want to pay for/drive with those problems. And I think more legal restrictions on teen drivers would probably be a good idea.

I think the same about aging drivers. But I wonder if Boomers will vote to regulate themselves in this vein...

+ Jaq has a nice post about Tolkien Reading Day . Read it!

+ Just for fun: The top 15 skylines in the world. Pittsburgh gets an honorable mention. What a great town.
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