Saturday, March 11

Logging the conference tournaments - LIVE!

Procedural note: The computer and TV aren't in the same room. I'm running back and forth (to the computer during commercials). Now that's dedication!

  • They did it (stinky broadcasting notwithstanding). Go Hawks! And I'm outta' here...
  • Lookin' pretty sweet under one minute. Clutch. Hitting almost all of our free throws down the stretch. I posted about this earlier in the yer: If you can play amazing D and hit your free throws, you'll win a lot of games.
  • MSU incredibly low score for season. Highest scoring team in the Big 10. Literally NO mention by Packer/Nantz of good Iowa D. Just 'tired legs'. Packer sux!
  • Clutch play by Brunner: Got the rebound. Nailed the free throws.
  • Up 4 points with under 4 minutes. Kuh-yikes! (I just throw the 'kuh's in there these days).
  • Greg's getting tired. Follow your shots, Greg!
  • But then he did a great job drawing the charge.
  • Iowa does plod, don't they. That's a pretty low score.
  • Davis is in foul trouble. Take it to him!
  • Down to 7+ minutes. I'm running out of things to say right now. Hoping Iowa can hold on.
  • I've got plenty of things to say v. Packer, but it doesn't seem worth it. Worst part of an Iowa win? Listening to Nantz/Packer call the game tomorrow :-( But I'll take it!
  • Go Cocks! They did it! Guess I'll be watching them in the SEC final tomorrow. Wonder if they've played themselves into the Big Dance yet...
  • Iowa just got their 1st lead. Let's see what they can do with it...
  • The Cocks are doing well. Up 59-55 with less than 4 minute to play. As long as those 3-pointers keep falling, they're looking pretty good.
  • The commentary team for this game is pretty good. I don't mind them.
  • Packer said something right again! 'Iowa is quicker.' Yeah, they can play total shut-down D, then run the floor on the fast break. Beautiful.
  • Half time in the Iowa game. Hawks are down by 3. Not bad, considering how cold they started. Let's see them amp it up next half.
  • USC's down a few points to Kentucky now. Better go watch a little of that game...

  • MSU came back with 5 points, but then Brunner got 2.
  • Packer said something right! Brunner does have great hands. He's the leading rebounder in Iowa history.
  • Iowa's coming back. Tied it up with 11 unanswered points.
  • Dumb Billy Packer just wants to talk about bad offense. These are two really good defensive teams. Iowa's one of the best in the nation right now.
  • Carolina made it to the half ahead of Kentucky 30-27. Pretty good work.
  • My first chance to watch Iowa on National Broadcast TV and they're totally stinking with no offense. They can have a suffocating defense, though, and Horner can catch fire anytime, so we'll see.
  • Worst thing about this: the game's being called by Nantz/Packer. My least favorite combo this time of year. I'd rather have Moe/Larry/Curly. Oh well.
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