Thursday, March 9

John and Brad, Daunte and Brad, and Stuff on my Cat

+ John (Laputan Logic) Hardy has a funny mashup of Einstein and John's own site .

+ I'm sure this means I am VERY strange, but I think is pretty funny.

+ So, it's come to this: Daunte wants out of Minnesota. I think they've been a little cool with him because of the charter scandal and his injury. Guess he'll end up elsewhere. That's too bad. I wish him well.

I like Brad Johnson, but I know he's not the quarterback of the future, Super Bowl ring or not. Heck, he might not be the quarterback of this whole year...

+ The main thing on the NFL labor agreement is that they got a deal done. They're insanely popular and insanely wealthy. It would be completely stupid to not find an agreement they could all live with to keep the NFL rolling.

+ I'm glad Brad posted on this. I've been meaning to also. Prosper is a new peer-to-peer lending service. Think something like this could really work? It's interesting...
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