Tuesday, March 28

The western wind, blowing me back...

The West High literary magazine, Favonius, earned an "excellent" rating from the National Council of Teachers of English. Jason and I worked on that some/had poetry in it back in the day.

I thought up until this minute that 'Favonius' was Greek for 'west wind'. Just shows I haven't thought about it in awhile. Because, when I went to write it I thought 'But that doesn't look like a Greek word. It looks like Latin.' Sure enough: Favonius is the Roman god of the west (favorable, hence the name) wind. The Greek equivalent would be Zephyrus.

Man, I'm good. ;-) Just thought and Googled myself out of at least 17 years of mistakenness.

17 years... That's half my life ago. Not sure what to think about that...
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