Thursday, March 30

Some serious stuff, some not so

+ Mark's criticisms provide a thoughtful counterpoint to my pro-immigration stance:

[M]embers of Congress of both parties hold views approximately inverse to those of their constitutents. Put to a referendum, it would be all but certain that the American people would vote for very tough penalties on illegal immigrants and those who employ them...

Now, as I have said, immigration is generally positive, particularly in the long run but the current immigration policy is not, neither economically or in terms of national security. Nor are the costs of immigration, legal and illegal, equitably shared. Tellingly though, the status quo, which is generally unfavorable to America, does benefit our bipartisan elite while imposing real costs on average Americans in the form of depressed wages, higher taxes, higher crime rates and strains on educational, health and welfare systems.

The rest of the post addresses the 'bipartisan elite'.

I need to mull over these ideas...

+ Though S Korea is often cited as the world's most wired country, a new poll presents a different perspective:

When pollsters for Ipsos Insight recently asked 6,500 people in 12 countries whether they had used the Internet in the past month, 68 percent of South Koreans said yes. That ranked No. 4, behind Japan (89 percent), Canada (72 percent) and the United States (71 percent).

Of course, the references to S Korea I've seen before mostly refer to broadband in Seoul. Probably depends on what questions you ask, aye?

+ Matt links a beautiful, hand-designed-look personal website . Speaking as a web hack who also happens to be lazy, but recognizes quality when he sees it, there's some real craft there.

+ From Dilbert today:

Marketing Biathalon: You ski up to people who won't buy your crap and shoot them.

That's comic gold.

+ Speaking of comic gold, did I ever link the 2004 ticket of Bush/Zombie Reagan?

+ Why do I comb the Intarweb for these nuggets of news? For you, dear reader; for you. :-)
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