Wednesday, March 29

From our man in Waterloo... [updated]

[Update: Jason lives in Waterloo. I knew that. Duh, me!]

'interact's top correspondent, Jason Streed (remember when he had his own weblog :-( ), files this report with reference to recent posts:

[O]ur Favonius also won at least one award at the state level :-)

[R]e: immigrant populations, I thought maybe armed forces enlistment data would be an interesting indicator of something or other. I'm not sure what, really, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, here's the top result in my one second of googling on that--via their cache as the actual page didn't load nice.

Something I would add to the immigration discussion is that honorable service in the armed forces (v. service ending in dishonorable discharge) should be a sure-fire path to citizenship.

Thanks, Jason!
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