Friday, March 24

NCAA Sweet 16 first day update

+ The Gamecocks won again and are headed to the NIT semifinals. Good for them!

+ All the higher seeds won last night, except for the Duke upset. I think Duke just ran out of gas, especially with JJ Redick going stone cold. LSU played well, credit to them. They especially guarded JJ Redick well, which Temple did earlier and you start to wonder why more teams didn't do it this year.

Jay Bilas was intolerable in his color commentary and must have said LSU was 'long and athletic, or variations thereon, 20 times in the broadcast.

+ SI had a good article (whole story for subscribers only) on the success of the 'midmajors'. They mentioned the point I did monday, that midmajors usually keep their players 4 years. Something they added that I hadn't factored in was the reduction in scholarships that the NCAA made recently. Since all programs have fewer scholarships available, when elite programs lose their McDonalds All-Americans to the NBA, they have 2 fewer scholarship players to fall back on. Makes it harder to re-load.

Plus, Wahl (the author) hammered Nantz and Packer some more for their outrage during the selection show at so many midmajors making it, quoting or recapping much of what they said. I love it.

+ Why do I pound the talking heads so much? Do I think I could do a better job? Am I a frustrated football/basketball announcer? Listening to myself, it sounds like I have some issues here, don't you think?
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