Saturday, March 18

Top 10s

Christine brought home a book from the library of top 10 lists. As I looked through it, one of the things I started looking for was lists where the #1 item was as much as the next 9 combined, especially when the #1 place was the US.

For example, one of the most well known cases of this is national defense budgets. The US defense budget, in 1st place, is greater than the next 9 combined.

Some other instances of 1 = 2-9:
  • countries with the most airports
  • money spent on advertising
  • # of astronauts (through USSR/Russia has/had astronauts with more experience)
  • accidental deaths: by motor vehicles = about the next 9 places
  • the Bible is the top-selling book of all time, way more than the next 9 places
  • the USSR had far more military losses in WW2 than any other country; China had the most civilian losses (at the hands of the brutal Japanese)
One last thought from my reading of this book: Did you know that the US is the 3rd most populated nation in the world and still will be in 2050?

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