Thursday, September 1


+ Great Scott! Tom mentioned me!

So what I did in the acknowledgements of [Blueprint for Action] was simply to thank the blogosphere and my readership in aggregate, citing by name only those whose frequency level was so high that they became distinct personalities in my mind (Safranski, Lutas, Lotus and Meade).

I haven't been contributing intellectual rigor like those three other guys, but I have been contributing proofreading! ;-)

+ Here's an idea for a post for you: Who do you refuse to talk to/deal with? Google v., Kottke v. I have threatened to boycott kottke. Got any?

+ Dilbert's got a pretty funny series going on air travel and cannibalism.

+ I used to say, growing up, that Iowa City is the cultural capitol of  the US (per capita). I might back off that a little these days, but it doesn't really surprise me that one of the leading mashup djs hails from there. I have come across his work before and particularly recommend No One Takes Your Freedom and Brazil is Full of Love. (If you'd like a laugh (or more), go to his About Me page and reload (as many times as you care to) to see who he identifies himself with. It features, among other things, lots of scary plastic surgery.)
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