Wednesday, September 21

What song goes with wednesday?

+ Man, have I ever been on fire lately, weblog-wise. Plus, I got my Gmail inbox down to 45 and my Bloglines below 20. I am a pure machine. Wonder if that will change now that my family's back from Disney? ;-)

+ '
Dell Inc, the world's largest direct computer seller, on Tuesday launched a new flash-memory digital music player designed to compete with the iPod Shuffle.' Which Apple will phase out in favor of the kickin' nano, so an Apple fighter it ain't. Still, it's a pretty good product at a pretty good price point. Dell should probably have a dog in that fight.

+ Here's something you don't see very often: Baylor at the top of the Big 12 and Oklahoma at the bottom. Of course, Baylor has had total cream puffs so far...

+ Hmmm. Which online to do application to use? Ta-da? Voo2doo?
GTD TiddlyWiki? (no, because it's not hosted) GTD with Gmail? Tudu lists? I'm tempted by this last one for 2 reasons. 1. I like the look and feel, and 2. That's how I write 'tudu' when I'm writing notes, commonly appended with 'tuda'. Voo2doo looks the most powerful. But I'm already living in Gmail. We'll see...

Confession: I have checked out GTD from the library. But I promise not to do it. I might modify it (the first step being SIMPLIFY!), but I do like to read about it, so I'll take the no-cost plunge. I really like reading about productivity WAY MORE than being productive.

Insert 'I told you so' by Macon here ;-)

+ Everytime I listen to a book on tape I think 'I want to do that!' (read them). So I've subscribed to the LibriVox weblog and hope to read a chapter for them soon.

+ I keep watching for that last high in the 90s day in the 7 day outtlook and it keeps pushing back. Back to friday now. I'm melting...

+ Tom on the N Korea baloney:

It's not just the rest of the world that's already begun discounting the remainder of the Bush Administration. Now, the State Department is doing it as well. This process will only pick up momentum in coming months, as the world plans increasingly for what comes after Bush.

This agreement simply says the Bush Administration is passing on these goals in the second administration, and everybody in Asia is more than willing to go along with it on this, because over time all of their situations improve while our strategic position deteriorates.

Remember Tom's maxim on China: the longer we wait to lock in with them strategically (ie, something like a Pacific NATO), the higher the price will be for us because they will have gained all the more leverage, especially economically.
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