Tuesday, September 20

Tuesday, late edition

+ Challenging the conventional wisdom on acne - guest logger over at Freakonomics. I had a lot of acne growing up, went to a dermatologist, had 'surgery', took tetracyclene (which really trashed my stomach), applied prescription creams. I want to remember this stuff for my kids. Short answer on best treatment: diet and topical cream.

+ Since they afflicted me with the song, I'm going to pass on the pain to you: The bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

+ Did you notice I cleaned up my sidebar? I've been meaning to do it for a while. I'd really like to do a complete redesign, but not enough to actually sit down and do it ;-) In the middle of this process, flirting with same-sizing my promo buttons, i discovered standard width on these babies is 88 pixels. Who knew?

+ Have you heard that new Honda Civic commercial? I say 'heard' because I heard it from the office and said 'What commercial has The Postal Service's 'Silhouettes'? And I knew that song because I am a very hip guy ;-) 'Such Great Heights' is probably my favorite song these days.

+ They announced the plan for the new Vikings stadium today. Pedestrian level shot . 'Aerial' shot. It's a pretty extensive complex with a mall, outdoor winter sports facility, hotel, etc. The stadium will be in Blaine, in Anoka County.

I'm stuck between 1. Being opposed to public money for professional sports and 2. Being a Vikings fan and this looking like a pretty cool stadium. What to do? Log it!
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