Sunday, September 18

I am so cool! (you know, in a geeky sort of way ;-)

I've been using and enjoying the PocketMod, right? I've been enjoying it enough to want to have a no-frills cover. So I looked at some of the Hipster PDA covers out there and saw one made out of duct tape (and a PocketMod cover like that, too). Then I got to thinking: clear packing tape. Then I can make myself a semi-permament cover using the PocketMod template itself. I'll put the designated 'cover' page on the front and the 2005 calendar on the back. But I want my sturdy cover to be a little bigger than the Mod, so I'll put those templates in the 'back' and '6' position, respectively. Then I can leave some space on the outsidesn when I fold it..

As I start to fold, it occurs to me that I could make pockets in this thing if i wanted to! pockets on the bottom (like a standard folder) or side wraparound pockets (like the dust jacket on a hardback book). I'm going without pockets on my first one. If you go without pockets, there are lots of options for permanent content on the inside of your cover, too, depending on how you fold it (but I'm not doing that this time).

Suggest for version 0.1.1: for a better fold along the spine, tape vertically ;-)
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