Friday, September 9


+ Cool link via Brad on building your own straw-wall house for $20,000.

+ Macon, Paul and Jaq all participated in the music posting.

+ I really like the iPod nano and may get one around Xmas/b'day time. However, I feel compelled to note that the 'mini' was actually smaller than the 'nano', contrary to the literal definitions.

+ Did you see the backpack that can generate electricity while you walk? The coolest part (figuratively and literally) is that it can save soldiers 20 pounds of weight. Soon we will all be able to generate a small amount of power through means like these to power out Personal Area Networks (seriously).

+ The PocketMod is a cool, little, customizable, paper, pocket-sized PDA. You get 8 pages from one normal sheet of paper and a little folding and cutting. Cool! I'm experimenting with it a little. Christine thought mine was very cool and wanted one of her own. I could see printing one of these a week. Might be nice to have a little case for it, in that case ;-). The next step would be to make your own, especially if you had stuff you wanted to print regularly, or to re-order and print, like priorities and whatnot. Of course, there are templates around to print your own Hipster PDA, DIY Planner, etc. But part of the attraction here is the simplicity.

+ An article about the U of I steam tunnels. We used to do a little steam tunnel spelunking. I even made a map of them, once. I'll tell you what: it's really hot in there in the summer!
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