Friday, September 23

Wednesday, late edition [but forgotten in 'Drafts' and not posted 'til friday :-(

+ Feds Want Cell Phone Ban for Teen Drivers. I think this is a good idea and politically inevitable. Heck, I fully expect the legal driving age to go up in the next 20 years.

+ Isn't that interesting... I get Word of the Day mostly for the etymologies. Today's word is 'capitulate'. I always assumed it meant something like 'to bow one's head' or 'to submit to someone else's head-ship', but it comes from 'to draw up terms or chapters' and 'chapters' comes from 'head' (like the heads of sections). Crazy. Fun with words...

+ One bad thing about posting from Gmail is that the formatting gets screwed up sometimes. Oh well. So, if you've noticed that, or you see the reposts in your feed reader, you know why...

+ One of the hazards of cleaning out your email inbox is you find totally old stuff that you are so lame for not doing before. Do you write it off to lameness and archive (or, more deriously, delete ;-), or do you own your lameness and do it anyway. You might see some of these lame, up to 8-month old items coming out in the future (insert obvious comparison to human gestation period here).

+ Here's one from January: I totally owe DJ DeNeo a shout out for hooking me up with the 'Smells like booty' (Nirvana v. Destiny's Child) mashup I was wanting but couldn't find. There's nothing quite like 'Bootylicious' sung to 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. As I said before, my favorite mashup that page is his edit of DJ Prince's 'Hey we will rock ya' (Outkast v. Queen). On his second page I really like Kylie's Toxic Milkshake. 'Slow Usher is also interesting if you like either of those songs. Check him out.

+ Played a little bit today with What Should I Read Next? Didn't take me long to get to the end of their list, but it was fun.
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