Wednesday, September 14


+ Christine's family lived in Louisana for a lot of years. Their opinion of the political apparatus down there in the home of Huey Long is very low. So how about this idea: build some kind of accountability into funds for rebuilding New Orleans. I'm not saying funds for clean-up or relief, but if the nation is going to invest in rebuilding New Orleans, which has some special geographical challenges and a checkered political history, let's build in some simple accountability.

+ Samsung's new 16GB flash chip will only add to the burgeoning of small electronic devices that can carry lots of data. You can already project an iPod nano jumping from the current entry point of 2GB to an entry point of 16GB in about a year's time. That puts it in the neighborhood of it's bigger, more expensive, hard drive-based brothers. Good for us, good for Samsung.

+ Matt has a humble links post today where everything is interesting: online board game, new VW with a USB port for music [!], and Google's new Blog Search. Check it out.

+ defective yeti on the confirmation hearings' treatment of Batman v. Wolverine. My friend, Ethan, and I continue to have this debate.
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