Tuesday, September 20

Hush, hush...

Though you didn't demand it...my opinions of today's headline stories! ;-)

+ North Korea rocks nuclear deal. Didn't take long for last night's prediction to come true. Repeat after me: politically bankrupt regime.

+ Simon Weisenthal died today. This article is very complimentary, while the criticism section of Wikipedia is pretty harsh. Don't know which is right. Don't really care. The task of bringing Nazis to justice was very important. Weisenthal's stance (justice, not revenge) was certainly the right one, whether he agrandized himself or not.

+ Natural gas, crude pull back from Monday's highs. Will gas go back up now that we're looking at Rita? U.S. stocks on the rise ahead of Fed decision. The economy continues to chug along. That's a good thing. But are we paying shareholders (including 401K holders, etc) on the backs of gas prices that especially hit hard on low and middle income working people?

+ Airlines to Test Cell-Phone Service. Good thing I don't travel frequently, because being crammed into coach with people talking on their cell phones sounds like a nightmare to me.

+ Apple CEO Nixes ITunes Price Hike

[I]f they want to raise the prices it just means they're getting a little greedy.

+ Stunned Vikings Vow to Be Better This Week. Just why are the Vikings so bad right now? Everyone wants to say because Moss is gone. Maybe, especially since Daunte doesn't have someone to just throw it at if nothing else opens up. Even if Moss didn't catch 'em, it kept Daunte from holding the ball too long and getting sacked or fumbling. 8 interceptions? Oy.

A big part is the injury of Matt Birk and the lack of cohesion on the O-line. Can't have an offense without it.

And something I haven't seen anyone else mention is the loss of O-Coordinator Scott Linehan. He wasn't the greatest, but there was continuity there.

All in all, it's a bad time for the Vikes to be announcing their new stadium deal: 'Hey, don't you wanna' pay for our stinky team!?!'

It could be worse: I could have actually wasted some of my life watching those games. ;-)
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