Friday, September 16

Productivity on the web update

Well, I did finally decide to switch from using as my primary bookmark repository, moving to emailing posts from Bloglines to my Gmail account. Did you know there's an 'email this' link in every post in Bloglines? For feeds with the whole post (v. digests) that means I'm emailing the whole post to myself where I can search it in Gmail or from Google Desktop (where it's already indexed). Very little need for tags that way. All of the content's in there. I haven't really used it yet (ie, to search), but it seems an elegant system, no? :-)

I obviously didn't have many subscribers to my feed because no one has written in to complain about the fall off ;-)

Another system I thought about using was the Greasemonkey script to change Bloglines' links to include 'Post in'. But I ultimately decided on this way.
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