Monday, September 26

Monday morning football recap

The Hawks lost big, which was disappointing. My fantasy football teams lost big, which was also disappointing. The Vikings' win and Daunte's return to form helped take the sting out a little.

The Patriots/Steelers game was amazing. The Patriots just don't flinch. They can basically suck for 3 quarters (7 if you count the previous game), and then Brady will go perfect in the fourth quarter and Vinatieri will kick the game-winner. They drop guys to injuries like crazy and still keep winning. The Steelers were good, but not good enough.

File under some things never change: Dan Dierdorf is as painful to listen to as ever. Once in a while he'll say something good. Otherwise, he says mostly wrong or dumb things.

Philadelphia was also impressive as they gutted out a win, including Akers kicking the game-winner on (basically) one leg.
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