Thursday, September 8

Monday (not posted until Thursday pm. sheesh)

+ Blessedly cool this morning. 68 right now. Finally, a break in the heat.

+ Boy, Iowa kicked the fool out of Ball State on saturday, 56-0. We'll see how they do against Iowa State this saturday. Hopefully with both Oklahoma :-( and Miami :-) losing, we'll jump up a couple of places in the polls. Ball State was weak, no doubt, and they had a bunch of suspensions to boot. Miami played a much tougher opponent. But we'll take it.

+ President Bush has modified his appointment of Roberts to Chief. Given that Roberts is only 50 and I'm sure the Boomers, in their eternal self-absorption, will find a way to live forever (not least of all to plague us Xers), this could be the final Chief Justice (partially kidding). It'll be interesting to see if O'Connor's nominated replacement will be a woman and/or minority. Is AG Gonzalez in the running?

+ Did you see that the US national team secured a World Cup berth with their 2-0 defeat of Mexico in Columbus? Whoppee!
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