Sunday, September 18

Saturday and Sunday

+ Checked out the first Astro City graphic novel from the library. It was good. It's inspired by the golden and silver age comics. One of the good things about that is there's nothing in there Wil can't look at or read. I have to screen almost every comic book he looks at. I'm all for the dark and gritty, mature comics. But there aren't enought superhero comic books around for kids these days.

On the other hand, do I want to trouble with introducing a new universe (read: crowded city) of heroes? Not sure...

+ Update on web productivity

Copied (ctrl-a) my 5 pages of links into emails to myself at Gmail and archived. Have Carl's Gmail indexer running in the system tray (couldn't get the new Google Desktop to index my Gmail like it was supposed to. Maybe later.) Added Firefox extension Amazing Webpage Emailer for pages I find at home but outside of Bloglines (or digest links from Bloglines when I want to index the whole page). Opted not to install the extensions that cache all your surfing or are robust scrapbooks. Turned Palm Desktop back on just for the occasional reminder. Still thinking about online to do lists and best places to put them. Not sure it's Gmail. Don't think I want to go all the way to GTD with Gmail.

Uninstalled Amazing Webpage Emailer (not worth it to me). I'll just stick with my ctrl-a into a new email sent to myself and archived for that kind of storage.

+ Mark has an interesting post on open source intelligence.

+ Well I'll be dog-goned. Micro$oft AntiSypware found 5 pretty bad items on my system. I take back some of the bad things I've said about M$. You might want to try it. I'm fairly diligent with my security and still got stung.

+ The pride of Lexington, SC (where Christine and I work): Matthew Anderson! Saw his name in SI for representing the US in the World Cyber Games. His game is Warcraft 3 [ Google search]. Plain Google search turns up that he's on the Dean's List at Clemson. Also a kid from Polk City, IA (you know - it's a suburb of Ankeny ;-) - Josh Sievers playing Counter-Strike. But that's quite a ways away from IC, so Josh isn't getting top billing in this sub-post. ;-)

+ Saw, for the first time today, the title of Chris Rock's new show, Everybody Hates Chris. The very title makes me laugh. That man is funny.
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