Monday, September 19

Just another manic...

+ Another strange football weekend. About the only bright spot for me was a minor win by Iowa. The Vikings got drummed again and Mike Tice could get fired any minute. The Panthers, who got beat by the lowly (?) Saints last week, handled the Super Bowl Champs. I like the Pats, but I'm happy for the Panthers. Chicago found some offense and destroyed the favored Lions. Indianapolis won with defense. Tennessee scored 25 on Baltimore's vaunted D. Strange.

+ This is really old, but also pretty funny: McSweeney's Klingon Fairy Tales (via kottke)

+ Once upon a time, kottke has a remaindered link that said:

NYC's best off-the-menu items from an Eater contest. The winning entry? Spaghetti Bolognese at Peter Luger.

And it sat in my Bloglines for a LONG time. The hunble reason was I wanted to (conceptually) link it to that part in the kitchen in Big Night when Primero is talking about Spaghetti Bolognese that he had one time, and it was so good that you taste and 'You die! You have to die! You cannot live!' I always liked that scene. And now I've shared it.

+ And, relatedly, I've got my Bloglines down under 20 again. I'm coming for you next, Gmail!

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