Wednesday, September 21

Tom digest

+ Tom's review of a great Op-Ed on China and what our posture should be toward her

+ Reasons why we haven't 'lost' the GWOT, Iraq, or Afghanistan (and I don't really want to rekindle last week's debate in all its glory. New or different comments are welcome)

+ Canadian oil sands and the myth of the 'peak'

+ A post where the title expresses something that is self-evident and poignant once I see it and think for a second, but hadn't thought of before: The Latinization of the American farm

+ Sensible take on Katrina:

Interesting how Mississippi, which just like LA has high African-American population, seems to do so much better on all fronts. Less bad stuff, more and faster good stuff. People will claim race, and I don't doubt some truth to it. But I watched FLA handle three hurricans last year, and I don't remember cries of racism or neglect or corruption there. Pretty amazing response really (been down there many times in last 12 months). I mean, the more you read on this, the more the problem seems to be LA and the Big Easy itself. Yes, a lot of African-Americans live there and they bore the worst, but their fatal mistake doesn't seem to be their skin color, just the choice of the home state.
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