Wednesday, August 31

I'm surrounded by crazy people

(And I'm not talking about those who disagree with me on Iraq.)

People are jamming gas stations to get one more tank of gas at $2.89 instead of going to the much-less crowded gas station across the street with gas at $2.99. Many don't have empty tanks but are just trying to top it off on cheaper gas. Let's say these folks are getting 10 gallons. Is it worth one thin dollar to get cheaper gas? Is it worth the time? Is it worth the aggravation?

Plus, people aren't concerned enough about the price of gas to slow down. I was doing 70 (mph) coming home on the Interstate tonight and people were wailing past me. We get better gas mileage as we slow toward 55, right?

(I'm probably just giving John more ammunition for his 'Americans are crazy' proclivities. The image )

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