Saturday, August 27

Friday's links (posted saturday)

+ No links yesterday because I was at training to sell Lenox products, especially their band saw blades. Very interesting technology. I scored some sweet loot, too, including a shirt, a six-in-one multi-tool screwdriver-type thing, and the coolest utility knife ever! I'd be happy to get you one with my employee discount, but the shipping and handling would probably erase the savings ;-)

+ Here's a question for you: why have 'individuals' and 'pastors' separated over at Covenant Blogs? (I really like to see my posts over there, btw.)  I'm a currently-not-practicing pastor. Isn't Scot McKnight ordained? Is the distinction worth making? Clergy/laity dichotomy and all that. (I'm mostly asking you, Brad.)

+ ImPRESSive: Matt is now reviewing gadgets for the New York Times!

+ Also impressive: Technorati and Newsweek integration.

+ Here's one especially for my library-workin', audiobook-lovin' wife: Libraries offering audiobook downloads .

+ Here's something cool: the executive producer for Pescozada's new album emailed me to offer me a promo based on my posts. Looking forward to that. Need to break down and buy the last album.
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