Saturday, August 6

Want to live in a house made of shipping containers?

I think it'd be pretty cool. Brad got me started with this post. Here's the target link therefrom: Container City . But I wasn't satisfied. So here's a summary from Treehugger. Adam Kalkin has some really great designs. Start with his quik house. fabprefab has a pretty comprehensive list of current projects, including those mentioned here. Cool designs at Addis Containers (NZ), only one of which would be big enough for our family (maybe those Kiwis need less space ;-). One of the cool things about PRO/con is that they use containers as blocks, but aren't constrained by them, that is, they might space the containers out and build a roof over it, etc.

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David said...

if you like the idea of Container homes, check out this on. it´s awesome!