Wednesday, August 10

Wednesday's links

+ Columbia housing highly affordable. Ain't that the truth. So much so that I'll probably never be able to afford to live anywhere else ;-)

+ One thing reading weblogs in a feedreader does is causes me to comment less. It takes an extra step to click through and comment, so I have to want to do it. I save a lot of steps in hitting the various sites. But the conversation suffers a little, I think. Have you seen this on your weblog or those you frequent?

+ There's some squawking about Yahoo passing Google in pages indexed. But Google's helping Baidu (read: Chinese Google) go public . That's the piece I'd rather have.

+ I've been waiting so long for this: Google now supports wildcards. Check out this interesting search: Glasgow is the * capital of Europe. Sometimes it seems like they add something new every day!

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