Saturday, August 6

Saturday's links

+ Cool interface for looking up movies: Mashmap. Doesn't really add anything to the other sites or your local paper, but it's cool...

+ The "Not Insane" To-Do List (fits in with my goal of Getting (a few) Things Done)

+ Five reasons why I'm a geek

Jaq picks up this idea for a post. I've got more than five, easily, and may find more. My starting self-nominees:
  1. When I see the letters 'FTL' I think 'Faster Than Light' instead of 'Fruit of the Loom'.
  2. When I see the shipping company name "Hapag Lloyd', I think of the Greek phrase 'hapax legomena'.
  3. I have memorized a lot of the home operating cities of trucking companies because I'm interested to know how far the driver (probably) is from home.
  4. I have played the Civilization series for untold hours.
  5. I spent a lot of time and money on role-playing games and comic books in my youth, and still love (some) comic books at 33.
  6. I have an impressive ability to quote movies and can probably come up with a song line for most any word or sentence you care to name.
  7. I have a weblog ;-) (which, I now see, after reading the originating post of this series, that he listed, too)
+ Ben Stein, of all people (Bueller? Bueller?) has a great op-ed on what our (American) relationship to China should be (reprinted in whole on Barnett's weblog, with his commentary ).
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