Monday, August 8

Rainy days and Mondays...

But I'm feeling pretty good today. Nice and cool. Hoping the rain will come later. Better than stinkin' hot.

+ Brad says Jesus wouldn't have been a Democrat or a Republican or a fill-in-the-blank. No doubt. His message has political ramifications, but mostly it was a critique:
  • The rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them. It shall not be so with you.
  • Woe to you...
  • Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's
    • Ooo, Ooo. Great contemporary illustration from Will Wilimon: 'Give me a dollar. Whose picture's on it? If he cares about the stuff so much, let him have it...'
  • Blessed are the poor, the meek...
[rant off]

+ Really good news about the Russian sub getting free. I'm almost surprised. Advice to Russian sailors: Don't go under the water...

+ The State had some collected quotes about the Palmeiro-gate yesterday, and I wanted to link them, but I couldn't find them. The best I can do is the perjury inquiry. Here's the hearings picture of him shaking his finger. My thought: the male of the species naturally loses muscle mass after 20 (don't I know it *frowns*). Yes, he's innocent until proven guilty, but he sure looks guilty now...

+ On the other, good hand, did you see that Iowa City was named the # 1 football town in the NATION by The Sporting News! Take that Columbus, Ann Arbor, Columbia, Clemson, Tallahassee, Baton Rouge, Knoxville, State College, College Station, Austin, Gainesville... Have I left anyone out? ;-) I have extremely fond memories of football Saturdays in Iowa City, even with the insane traffic.

CBS Sportsline ranked Iowa number 2 in the preseason. That seems a little high. 8 preseason polls

'We're gonna fight, fight, fight for Iowa...' Sing it with me!

+ Did you see that Google got angry because a reporter at CNET googled their CEO and printed some of the personal information in a column? (via Lifehacker)
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