Monday, August 22

Friday, then Monday

Working on a project for Tom, so my extra computer time has been devoted to that. Posting should pick back up soon.

+ The Gaza pullout seems to be going well. I'm really glad. I'm hoping for good things, including getting a constitution in Iraq.

+ I haven't commented on Hunter S Thompson's suicide yet. Short version: sure, some people love him, but isn't the suicide a hint about the shortcomings of his 'philosophy' to anyone but me?

+ Latest computer thought: as much as I like, and I love it, emailing to my Gmail account the contents of webpages I would put in would make them more searchable, including within Google Desktop Search (new beta). Hmm...

Plus, as I look at the new beta, they're adding some Quicksilver-like functionality for launching applications. Looks like lots of cool new things over there. I, for one, welcome our Google overlords.

+ U.S. News & World Report's 2006 "America's Best Colleges"

The University of Iowa dropped two spots to No. 21 among the nation's top 50 public universities.

Cal Berkeley is No. 1. The Big Ten:

3. Michigan
8. Wisconsin
11. Illinois
14. Penn State
21. Iowa, Ohio State, Purdue
30. Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota

Clemson dropped from 34 to 32. USC is 109.

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