Tuesday, August 23


+ If you haven't read Ebert's Most Hated (via kottke), you're missing some good laughs. I've seen 5 of these films. I don't hate some of them. The Waterboy has a few funny moments (mostly tackles). Tommy Boy has a lot of funny moments. Stargate had some ok moments. I'm one of those people who likes The Usual Suspects. But Armageddon did totally stink. Anyway, the humor is in reading his reviews of the ones I stayed away from. How about you: how many have you seen? Your take?

+ Ooh. I really like the new Google Desktop Sidebar and Deskbar - a little bit like Quicksilver and Konfabulator. Had fun playing with it last night. I like the scrolling photos (guess I'm a sap). Fun .

+ In other U of I ranking news, they got #8 for party schools...

+ Mark the ZenPundit has had a number of interesting posts on ideas for reforming the State Department.

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