Monday, August 8

The Iron Giant post

Wil has gotten really into 'Ricky Ricotta and His Mighty Robot', a series of books for kids. It made me think of The Iron Giant, so Christine brought it home from the library and the twins and I watched it yesterday. Some thoughts:
  • Great movie (written and directed by Brad Bird of The Incredibles, in case you didn't know). You should see it if you haven't.
  • Might have been a little too heart-wrenching for the kids (though there's a happy ending). Elizabeth cried pretty hard (but she was tired, too).
  • Wil said it was the coolest movie after The Incredibles.
  • Favorite lines:
    • 'You can fly? You can fly!'
    • 'I'm the luckiest kid in America!'
  • Hadn't realized Vin Diesel was the voice of the robot.
  • Survey question: What is Jennifer Aniston's better work: the voice of Annie in the movie or Office Space?
Pretty good post for a monday morning, if I do say so myself ;-)
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