Friday, August 12

Thursday's (post/ed) Friday

+ Rave for the new Apple Mighty Mouse

+ Couldn't have happened to a nicer punk. Did you see Terrell Owens got kicked out of camp? You go, Andy!

+ Search Wars: Google's investing in the Chinese Google, will Yahoo is investing in Chinese e-commerce site

+ Matt Haughey writes:
SportsFilter | Sportsfilter meet
MSN launched "sportsfilter" even though there's been a blog (I helped set up) 3+ years ago by the same name and domain. Jerks.

I'm actually a member of SportsFilter, but haven't even been there, not to mind posted, in a long time.

+ Looks like it's pretty easy to find pirated software using Chinese Google.

+ Here's an article on carbonating at home. I post it, because I can make you a deal on the CO2 and supplies ;-). Too bad I don't like seltzer water, and we don't really need syrupped drinks around the house...
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