Tuesday, August 9

Tuesday's links

+ Aaron's back and he has a new, homemade poker table.

+ Batman Begins: the defective yeti review. Short version: he liked it, too. I agree with most of what he says.

+ Surprise: I commented in the What book can't you put down? Ask MeFi thread.

Whoa: lots of books in this thread I put down easily. But on to the ones I didn't:

The Lord of the Rings, Red Storm Rising, Neuromancer, Shogun (all violent, upon review).

The Name of the Rose was one, but my Medieval philosophy, history, and theology are pretty good, with a smattering of ecclesiastic Latin, so I could hack it pretty well.

Nonfiction-wise, I've recently enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell (Blink and The Tipping Point) and Freakonomics.

 + Captious: another Word of the Day I didn't know. I think we're up to three now.

+ The three Iowa public university radio stations merged. Comment Jason?

+ I sent Tom Barnett a link to analysis on the Amazon sales ranking (which he follows pretty closely), and he linked it.

+ Parked bullet trains look cool.

+ Google now has feeds.

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