Thursday, August 18

Overlate post

I started this friday. Please ofrgive the tardiness.

+ I said it before, I'll say it again: Tom DeLay is toast.

+ SI's top 25 preseason college football rankings came yesterday. My (totally biased) comments:

1. USC - for real
2. Texas - whatever. I'll believe Mac Brown won't choke when I see it.
3. Florida - somebody up there fell in love with Chris Leak and Urban Meyer. What has Chris Leak proven so far? And Urban Meyer's good and all, but playing for the National Championship? I doubt it.
6. Miami - bleah
7. Oklahoma - ought to get more credit for their performance over the last 6 years. I'd rank 'em higher, like maybe 2nd.
12. Iowa - probably too low. The Big Ten's tough, with OSU, Michigan, and Purdue all picked to do well, and we play them all this year. Still, I bet we'll finish better than OSU or UM. The offense has come together well (providing we can keep at least one running back healthy!), and the defense will come together. Ferentz is a great coach who gets more out of his players than anyone. Consistency is the name of the game. We're 30-0 'over the past three years when leading after three quarters... 27-1 following a halftime lead.'
13 and on - who cares? ;-)

+ More TO punkness

+ Dude built furniture out of FedEx boxes and published a website about it. Got cease-and-desisted. Got help from the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society .

+ Here's a quick and dirty list of some of the pork in the new transportation bill. See anything that's mission critical?

On one hand, 12.2 B$ is only 4.2% of 284. On the other hand, 12.2 B$ is a lot of samoleans.

President Bush last year threatened to veto any bill costing more than $256 billion, but has since raised the ceiling to $284 billion.

The Repubs, in control of everything, are going nuts with their spending. I'll ask you again: What's worse than tax and spend? Cut taxes and spend.

+ UI a great buy

The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2006 has named the University of Iowa a "Best Buy" based on cost and educational quality. UI is one of 17 public and 28 private colleges to receive the title.

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