Wednesday, August 31

Adult (?) Album-Oriented Post

(Meta-weblogging note: I have too many draft posts in Gmail. I need to release some of these things into the wild, like this one. So here goes...)

Have you seen that perfect album list floating around ('perfect' defined for the sake of this exercise as 'you'd listen to every track)? My comments:

+ OK Computer is a good album. Lots of good songs on there that I like listening to.
+ Abbey Road is (obviously) a very solid album.
+ A lot of these, for me, start stronger than they finish: Joshua Tree, Ten,
+ Love 'Wave of Mutilation'
+ Can't get there on Disintegration. Four people were 18 when it came out, I guess ;-)
+ Synchronicity has a nicer back half (minus 'Murder by Numbers', which is ok, but not for the last song)
+ August and Everything After: 6 great songs that are a pleasure to hear anytime. 1 of my favorite album-closing songs. 1 good song suffering from massive over-exposure. 3 songs (4, 9, 10) that I never choose to listen to.
+ Whatever and Ever Amen and Yoshimi... are very listenable albums for me
+ New Order might slip in somewhere, but mostly because I'm pretty good at ignoring Bernard's (usually meaningless) lyrics.
+ An honorary mention to Green
+ I listen all the way through
Enya's Watermark, but it basically gets filed in the 'easy listening' category.

Wonder what album I listen to the greatest percentage of its tracks...

Nominees for my most 'perfect' album: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, The Queen is Dead, (and not on the Plastic list) 'Strangeways, Here We Come' , Murmur, Life's Rich Pageant, Document, Welcome to Struggleville, Blister Soul, and Slow Dark Train . I love them all, but The Sundays and VOL fall out right away before the greater enjoyment I get from the The Smiths and REM. Then I have to leave those four alone. I can't choose one from among them.
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