Wednesday, January 31

Various and sundry

+ As a follow-up to my post on climate change I'll link Tom's pretty lengthy post today, Getting warmer on climate change. I would say Tom's a little more convinced of global warming than I am, but he then falls firmly in the Lomborg cost/benefit analysis camp, which I totally agree with. For example: Why spend zillions of dollars to counter rising seas that will mostly affect poor nations when we spend pennies on those dollars to stop simple diseases?

+ Paul took up my tag, and he tagged his son Walter .

+ Do you remember that I link almost all things Cthulhu?

+ David has another post on the Osprey .

+ Dan allows his college classes to govern themselves. His latest class voted out representation and voted in direct democracy.

+ Names I like from the Hype Machine:
  • sweep the leg johnny
  • Gliss (in honor of playing trombone in 5th and 6th grade)
  • The Boo Radleys
  • The Bagginz
  • Pocahaunted
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