Monday, January 22

NFL Championships report

First of all, credit to the Colts. They held it together and came back. Good for them. I'm not a big Peyton fan, but I'm very happy for Tony Dungy, Dallas Clark, and Bob Sanders. Way to go!

This really is what I thought had a very good chance of happening: The Patriots dodged a bullet last week against a more talented team. They couldn't do it again this week. The Colts even spotted them 21 points.

Did the Patriots choke? I'm open to other answers on this one. My answer is 'no'. Injuries and illness and fatigue finally caught up to them. This article called the Patriots defense 'exhausted' in the second half, and that was definitely my take.

And the Colts played really well. Give them their due. They didn't fall apart when it was 24-3.

I said last week that this contest could come down to FGs made or missed and that would be interesting with the Vinatieri signing, but it really didn't come down to that. The kickers on both sides made their FGs like they were supposed to.

This will not surprise you: I hate sports punditry. In preparation for the games yesterday, I checked out SI's writers' predictions. And they all said 'Here's what WILL happen.' Baloney. I suppose they are expected to do that, but it's idiocy to me. Tell me what might happen. Talk about the dynamics. Give me a prediction. But if you tell me what will happen and it doesn't happen, I mark you down as simply wrong and discount your subsequent future tenses. Period.

On that note, lets turn to the Bears and Saints. A lot of the pundits picked the Saints, no doubt, team of destiny, best offense in the NFC, Rex Grossman stinks, blah, blah, blah.

Well, with a combination of Saints choking and good Bears defense, this one wasn't even a game in the second half.

About the most interesting storyline in out house was Christine pulling against the Saints BECAUSE she grew up in Louisiana and me pulling for them because I like Drew Brees.

Well, Reggie Bush's catch and run away from the defense was interesting.

Good for Lovie Smith. He seems like a real good guy.

Some of the headlines trumpet the Bears' return to the Super Bowl after 21 years. I'm like 'Big Whoop! My poor Vikings haven't been to the Super Bowl in...'

And, to add insult to injury, the Vikings looked-to-be-pretty-decent Defensive Coordinator is leaving after one year to go coach the Steelers. Good for him. Great franchise. Only the third coach in their history. Crazy.

But bad for the Vikes...

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