Wednesday, January 10

Get your 'interact' here!

+ My buddy, Jim, wrote in this comment that my weblog, interact, is the top Google result for Sean Meade, but that I probably knew that.

Yes, I did know that ;-)

I mean, I have a pretty robust internet presence by virtue of liking this intarweb thing and participating a lot for the past 7 years.

In fact, 8 of the top 10 results on that Google search refer to me here and there. 15/2018/30 (though one of these is a guy who took exception with my moderation of Tom's comments). 23/40 (but one of these was a time I got kicked into MetaTalk and I'd forgotten). 29/50. And then it starts to taper off...

But I digress ;-)

Then Jim wrote that he was going to check Google for interact. I thought 'Well, that won't be very high...', but since I didn't hear back from Jim, I looked it up myself.


Dang! That's pretty strong! I mean, 'interact' is a fairly generic word, you know?
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