Friday, January 12

Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.

This post named for a song I liked and Christine hated ;-)

+ Hmm. Did you know, in English, myriad was initially used as a noun, then passed into adjectival use, such that some of us (including me) thought that was the only appropriate usage? Me neither.

+ Hmm. I'm experimenting today with just scanning all of my 100+ feed items so far today in Google Reader at one time. I like it so far, though it will take a little adjusting. I like it enough to keep fooling with it. Before I was looking at one feed at a time. I thought, 'Man, I wish it was easier to jump to the next feed' (easier than 'shift-n, shift-o', just to show you what my overexertion threshold is ;-). Another nice thing about it is it's purely chronological, so you get a better sense of the flow.

Ooh. And if you're going to do that, you can just view in full screen with 'u'. This has real potential...

+ Hmm. I thought about posting something about this link, but then I thought 'Would any of my even potential readers care about that at all? This isn't principally a diary. Hopefully some of you potentially care about what I do post ;-)

(NOT fishing for compliments here.)

+ OK, this was the thought that started this post. Turns out I have been singing that song wrong. I had the lyrics wrong. Oh well. I'll leave it here. Kathy might like it ;-)

Hmm. I see from the Hype Machine that OMD has a song called 'She's leaving'. Didn't they also sing 'If you leave'? Let's apply a little logic to this:

If you leave (don't look back) that would cause my heart to break, and
She's leaving (and let's assume, for argument's sake, that she look back), thus
My heart is breaking

Just a little philosophy geek humor ;-)
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