Saturday, January 27

Is this thing on?

Well, I guess I'm on the new Blogger.

I've been one of the last to migrate since I have over 2000 posts. When I saw that Jaq had migrated with his over 5000 posts, I figured they might be ready for me. And they were. And here I am.

Does this mean I have to redesign? Should I switch to Blogger comments from yaccs? I should, but... We'll see.

In the meantime, let's throw up a couple of links.

+ Here's one using data visualization software to map social relationships in the New Testament (via kottke).

+ When I saw this file on I wondered why it was making the rounds. Being from Iowa and interested in military history, I clicked through. There's a famous stat on the Iowa class battleships of how far they blow themselves back in the water if they turn all six of their 16 inch guns (in three batteries) in the same direction and fire at the same time. This is a picture of that activity. Pretty cool.

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