Friday, January 19

One of those really smart guys

Have you ever run into one of those people whose every word that comes out of their mouth on their area of expertise (and many other things besides) is the smartest thing you've ever heard?

Tim Keller is like that for me.

(Psych. You thought I was going to say Tom, didn't you? He's pretty good, too... ;-)

Anyway, I bring up Tim (you know, I call him Tim (first name basis). Others call him... Tim (Monty Python reference ;-)) because one of his talks came up on random on my Vision player this morning and it made me stop the random and just start listening through his stuff.

For example, he was talking about Tolkien and how he intentionally didn't do allegory. (Which I, of course, as an amateur Tolkien scholar, perfectly knew. In fact, Tolkien said he despised allegory.) Tim said Tolkien didn't do A Christ figure in LotR, but many like Gandalf as Resurrected Lord, Aragorn as Returning King, Frodo as Suffering Servant...


I know I've listened to that clip before. Why didn't it stick? Why haven't I heard it elsewhere? Why didn't I think of it?

If you want to do some more digging, by all means go to DJ Chuang's unofficial Keller page. I see MANY items over there that I need to check out...

I also see good stuff on Keller at Reformissionary. Two mp3s I haven't listened to yet, but based on past listening, are probably very good:

1. Being the Church in Our Culture
2. Preaching the Gospel

A couple great representative quotes (from Comments) :

… we, as humans, have three ways of reacting to any given situation: moralistically, hedonistically, or by holding fast to the gospel.
… he has this constant theme throughout the sermons about how we add to the gospel…how it's never jesus plus nothing…but jesus plus money, or sexual prowess, or our self-righteousness, or just other stuff, how we refuse at times to let Jesus be the all in all in our lives.

Great day! DJ Chuang links to 15 Keller videos on YouTube!

Tim is Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan.

Let's sign off with a representative Keller idea: you're worse than you can know, but God is greater than you can imagine.
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