Thursday, January 4

News from the Cynical Center

+ Headline I wish was a joke: Bush Pushes Balanced Budget on Democrats. Give me a break. 6 years of overspending with his own party in the majority has disqualified him from such a 'push'.

+ Group: ExxonMobil Paid to Mislead Public. I'm sure. This happens to be about the issue of global warming. But, if I'm not mistaken, Exxon hasn't payed their Valdez spill costs yet.

As part of Big Oil, they have to get behind the Big Three for pursuing profits at the cost of what's good for America, heck, at the cost, simply of accurate information.

Every time I hear an ad on the radio about GM going green, or see their crappy print ads about how green they are, it makes me want to file a class-action lawsuit. They've pursued profits for years and years at the expense of fuel economy. Now they want me to believe they want to stem our dependence on foreign oil? Is anybody stupid enough to believe that?!

+ Garcia and Philly Are a Perfect Fit. Two reasons not mentioned in this article.
  1. Garcia has not lost as an Eagle, yet.
  2. We have to at least mention the issue of race. Is it possible the Philly Faithful are more apt to embrace a white QB than a black QB?
+ Title-seeking Tide Celebrates Saban Hiring. Note to successful college coaches: There are many things about coaching in the NFL that are much worse than the NCAA. Before you go for the 'prestige' of the NFL, talk to Saban, Carroll, Callahan, Davis, Spurrier, etc.

That's all I've got for this morning. I trust you are sufficiently edified ;-)
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