Monday, January 15

Another year, another website

Trying to think of what my tagline should be. Maybe 'Designer to the (Defense Observer) Stars'. For some reason, I'm having success doing professional web work for authors who primarily cover defense issues.

All that to say, we're putting the finishing touches on David Axe's new website, War is Boring. (It's titled that way because so much of military life, and even defense reporting, is waiting around for the things to happen that you've prepared for.)

David posts at DefenseTech pretty often and was recently hired by Sharon to work with her at Defense Technology International. More than most reporters, David goes to areas of conflict. He visited Iraq like 6 times last year and just got back from Lebanon. Crazily enough, he did his Masters Degree here in Columbia at USC and we had a chance to meet in person back in November. His latest book, Army 101, is about ROTC at USC and sounds really interesting. Before that, he published a graphic novel about being an embedded reporter entitled WAR FIX.

(Incidentally, this was my second project using WordPress and I sure like it. Wonder if I'll switch to it sometime... Maybe if I become a full time web professional ;-)
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