Wednesday, January 3

This should do the trick for you

+ What the internet apparently is not good for: LaDanian Tomlinson videos. I've only found one decent one so far...

+ Happy 115th birthday, Professor Tolkien.

+ I'm so awesome I even knew the definition and etymology of the word for today: favonian.

(Actually, I only knew it because Favonius is the name of our high school's (Iowa City West) literary magazine.)

+ Thirteen photographs that changed the world (via kottke)

+ kottke also links Time's Top 10 video games of the year, featuring this gem:

There is no possible way to say this enough times: great graphics don't make great games. Perfect Dark Zero looked like a Titian, but it was a snooze. Wii Sports—a mini-sports anthology that includes golf, boxing, tennis, baseball and bowling—looks like Colecovision.

And that's ok. They rank it as their top game.

Makes you think Nintendo was on the right track when they made the Wii fun and affordable instead of getting into the 'polygons rendered in HD' war with Sony and Micro$oft...

Then Super Mario Bros. for the DS comes in third. And Twilight Princess (Wii) fourth.

Lego Star Wars 2 at number 9. Came to our house for Christmas and it's a big hit.

+ Winner-Take-All: Google and the Third Age of Computing

+ More names I like from Hype Machine:
  • Pilchard (in honor of Bob the Builder)
  • Oxfam Glamour Models
  • Talib Kweli ('kweli' means 'truth' in Swahili)
  • Balkan Babes
  • Times New Viking

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