Saturday, January 20

Brought to you by the flesh-colored flower

+ Etymology of the day:

from Italian incarnatino, which came from the Latin incarnato, something incarnate, made flesh, from in + caro, carn-, "flesh." It is related to carnation, etymologically the flesh-colored flower; incarnate, "in the flesh; made flesh"; and carnal, "pertaining to the body or its appetites."

+ How is it that no one told me about Wikimapia? Perhaps there are too many interesting things on the Internet for me to keep up with ALL of them...

+ Gnash your teeth, all of my Canadian readers:

Bethy was looking at Wikimapia over my shoulder and said 'I didn't know Canada was a country. I thought it was a state.'

I said 'It should be...'

No, not really ;-)

Then she said Daddy, who's the president of Canada and I said I have no idea.

Update: She's lying on the floor right now waiting on me and she said It would be fun if the house was upside down.

+ Names I like from Hype Machine
  • Fantastic Four
  • Fra Lippo Lippi
  • The Royal We
+ Valleywag's 12 Funniest People on the Internet includes the SNL video shorts dude, Skot from the old Mother Ship, Ze Frank (a closet Barnett fan), and Matthew Baldwin of defective yeti. Thoughts:
  1. Yep, those guys are funny.
  2. The gender neutral 'people' encompasses 1 woman and 11 guys.
  3. The f-word is key to humor in this assessment, judging by the short excerpts.
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